ISO/IEC 27001 Certification Process

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ISO 27001 Seal

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is associated information security standard that was revealed on the twenty-fifth September 2013. It supersedes ISO/IEC 27001:2005, and is revealed by the international organization for Standardization (ISO) and therefore the International Electro technical Commission (IEC) underneath the joint ISO and IEC committee, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27. It's a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). Organizations that meet the quality are also certified compliant by a freelance and authorized certification body on victorious completion of a proper compliance audit.

Let’s start with the certification process - it is divided into 10 steps:

Step 1


Superior management ought to be the pick for ISO 27001 certification. There’s exact price in communication this privately, it enforces the company’s ambition to pursue the best practice.
What is needed?
Summary and positive informing to senior management outlining advantages and the way it provides a platform for business growth.


Step 2

ISO managing delegate

The company appoints an accountable and knowledgeable manager to run the plan and execution. This person can become the company’s ISO 27001 professional, understanding the controls and milestones required towards certification. What is needed? Choice of the proper individual with a particular job description and knowledge of ISO and ISMS needs.

Step 3

Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment

An evaluation of risk or a gap analysis is administered to seek out-out what will fail and which threats endanger the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of information. This can be to grasp the maturity of existing controls among the business and to work out the risk profile.
What is needed?
The gap analysis followed by a risk assessment of all in scope individuals, processes, and technology performed by a certified auditor. Required? Understanding the maturity of controls and risk profile.


Step 4

Scope & Implementation Plan

The evaluation of output from the gap analysis permits the business to authenticate the scope of achievement and consequently the practical / operational boundaries. For every risk identified, appropriate controls area unit set to manage the chance during a systematic means. This can guarantee nothing vital is lost. Vital milestones, time necessities, date for any pre-assessment and staged audits area unit set.
 A detailed concise guide to describe the ISO 27001 process in sufficient details.


Step 5

Employee Introduction

It is necessary to have interaction with staff from the beginning to confirm they bring into the ISO 27001 certification process and respond suitably. Additionally to support them to know the individual, company and consumer advantages.
a brief and easy-to-understand ISO 27001 and security introduction informing that focuses on however staff are affected and their role within the productive implementation.


Step 6


ISO 27001 certification requires in-depth documentation addressing all relevant milestones and individual controls. This forms the standards the corporate is measured against to satisfy the ISO standard.
A group of policies, standards, and procedures to confirm the business is adhering to any or all necessities in an economical and accomplishable manner.


Step 7


Including the gap analysis, reach and documentation ready, it's time to place new process into ‘business as usual’ throughout the corporate to begin realizing the numerous edges of ISO 27001. At this stage, it might be helpful to conduct a pre-assessment to validate the corporate company is on the proper track and authenticate the proof.
What is needed?
Pre-assessments forms, checklists and also the gathering of proof. Communication to workers regarding the revised processes, the requirement to adopt them totally and report back on what isn’t operating.


Step 8

Internal ISO 27001 Audits

ISO 27001 needs an interior audit to assess wherever the corporate is at with the milestones and also the implementation section. An auditor can complete documentation assessing the risk, noting controls and rectification to focus on the enhancements needed.
An intimate internal or external auditor. Audit tools that embrace forms, complete audit checklists, and audit reports.


Step 9

ISO 27001 Certification

The most vital step is to pass the ISO 27001 certification audit. a freelance assessor will issue a certificate stating that the business is satisfying the ISO 27001 controls and necessities. The appointed internal representative must be assured with the method they need to be followed and think about the way to best move with the administrative official.
What is needed?
worker preparation for the ISO 27001 certification together with queries {that may|which can|that will} be asked and therefore the areas the audit will concentrate on. A freelance administrative official from an honorable company.

Step 10

Maintaining the ISO 27001 Certification

It is important to keep the ISO management system functioning by its mixing into daily operations. The business should concentrate on constant improvement.
A reinforcement message to employees. Focus on maintaining the standards through an internal champion. Treat it as an integral component of the business processes and not a one-off project.
Publicize your ISO 27001 badge with pride! Proudly tell about it to clients.